have u seen my whale 6

hey folks i would recommend checking out this lil spaceship i helped put together with paige gresty, thom james, the elusive moon tzu and a lot of love

it’s at and we’re gonna hopefully be doing another issue soon

thank you

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9. I don’t yet know the full meaning of what I am telling you. My drift concerns the romance of uncompleted projects.
Wayne Koestenbaum, from “Heidegger’s Mistress,” in My 1980s & Other Essays (via haidangphan)
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hi hi hi hi

what up folks how you all doing

it was new year’s eve

and night
and we sat on your floor
around the beige carpet

            aly played guitar
with her eyes closed,

            moving her face

and how it felt

as if the national heart rate
had dropped
a little

            for a second



havent been on tumblr in over 100 years

here i am again



Very happy to announce that Have U Seen My Whale #5 is now online, with cover art by livia franchini!!

Thanks so much to everybody that submitted

Happy holidays to all!

♥ ♥ ♥


: )

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for the nervous church-goer on your christmas list

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